Wednesday, 27 May 2015

GETTING AROUND (by unusual means of transport)!

How do you get around?

My students know that come rain or shine you will, my favourite means of transportation is my bike. I do take my car occasionally. The other day I was listening to a compilation CD and came across the song Commute  by Theatre of Tragedy and got to thinking that means of transport would be a good thing to explore!

The way you get from A to B on a daily basis will obviously depend on which neck of the woods you live in. You also need to think about how you travel further afield perhaps on a business trip or a day excursion or even a weekend break. If you go abroad you may want to travel by air or sea and if you are travelling cross country you'll most likely go on land.

There are many means of transport and most you probably already know but what about some more unusual types? Click on the key words to explore the ingenious world of transport! In a town you might see someone on a tandem - a bicycle made for two, or if you travel to the Far East you might go for a ride in a rickshaw. In big cities like London, you can often see business men on scooters or even skate boards or if you want something a little more futuristic how about a Segway. In the air you might want to travel by hot air balloons or airships also known as dirigibles. The first aeroplanes were called biplanes as they had two wings. Or how about seaplanes that land and take off from water? Another vehicle that can be used on water or land is a hovercraft. There are also DUCWs (pronounced 'duck'), you can take a tour of London on one before sailing up the Thames.
I hope you have enjoyed the brief glimpse at means of transport. If you want more on transport check out these films:
The Polar Express
Murder on the Orient Express
The Wild West
The Hunt for Red October
Trains, Planes and Automobiles
Summer Holiday
Air Force One
The Aviator
Top Gun
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Perfect Storm
Mutiny on the Bounty
The Runaway Bus
Thelma and Louise
Rebel Without a Cause
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Mission: Impossible
Yellow Submarine
The Hindenburg
Up (if a flying House counts as Transport!)
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (flying car!)
Black Beauty


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