Thursday, 21 August 2014


The summer has passed us by once more and we are all thinking (dreading?) back to school. The blog took a bit of a hiatus during this period but now it's back with a monthly up-date for August.

First of all, with the PTE results out yesterday, the last of the Greek summer exam results in EFL, I'd like to congratulate all my students who tried so hard this year and with such difficult pressures that are happening out of school, your achievements are truly great! I dedicate this video to you all!
Secondly, When I started teaching I used to take photos of my classes at the end of the year.(I don't know why I stopped, I found the albums while clearing out the basement over the summer!) I was wondering what you think about about my adding some photos of classes past to the page? I probably taught your cousins, parents(!!) or even teachers(!!). I really don't remember all their names so perhaps you can help me out! What do you think?