Monday, 23 June 2014

The long break or a musical interlude?

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School's out for summer or so the song goes but that doesn't mean that you should forget English. (Now I know I sound rather like a boring teacher but bear with me.) I recommend you put all you've learnt into practice in fun ways.
Galaxidi, Greece.
1. Most importantly get out there and speak to someone (who doesn't speak your language but speaks English) and learn about them. Make friends with the person on the next sun lounger. Give that lost looking tourist help and directions (even if they don't understand what you've told them, they're already lost so it won't matter)!

2. Find a radio station that you like through the Internet. (I recommend BBC Radio 1 for all the latest pop in Britain.)

3. Watch movies and pop videos with English subtitles or English language TV to help your listening skills and build vocabulary.

4. Take an English book out of your local library, buy a magazine in English on a topic you love and read all about it or subscribe to a blog you like.

5. Write a diary of the summer in English - you don't need to show it to anyone and it doesn't matter if the spelling and grammar are all wrong this still helps you become familiar with writing. If you feel more confident try writing a short story and if you are even more confident send it off to a competition (try 99 fiction net for Free very short story competition) or even a publisher!

Whatever you decide to do, stay safe and enjoy your summer holiday!