Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Watching documentaries is one of the best ways to improve your English. Now you can surf the Net and look for things that interest you, but I thought I might help you out by adding 10 films I've found on-line. Each one is no more than 20 minutes long. I might add another 10 next month if you like these, so be looking out for them!

When you are watching a documentary turn on your English learning skills. What do I mean?
  • Have a pen and paper beside you to write notes - facts you like or think will be useful, unknown words etc. 
  • Think about the basic points raised in what you are watching. If someone was to ask you what the documentary was about, what information would they need to know? Could you tell them?
  • If you really enjoyed the documentary, would you recommend it to a friend? Which friend, and why?
  • If you thought the documentary was awful, what were the precise reasons for this?

 If you know any good short documentaries to share, add them in the comments below.