Thursday, 22 October 2015

Q: What is an acrostic?

A. A means of learning new words?
B. A poem?
C. A means of remembering how to spell difficult words?
D. A type of crossword?

If you answered all of the above then you got the right answer! The word acrostic comes from two Greek words ἄκρος (akros) meaning highest and στίχος (styhos) meaning verse.

You have probably filled in puzzles in languages lessons which are acrostic; you know the ones that when you have all the right answers a word or phrase is spelled out.

It's a great way to remember the spelling of difficult words. Think of something humorous!


(This came from the Jolly Phonics books)

I think this is a super way to remember vocabulary for a theme too.

Endangered species
Vegetation depletion
Icecaps melting
Ozone layer/hole
Non-toxic materials
Make a difference
Energy alternatives
Natural resources
Tropical rainforests

If you fancy stretching your writing skills why not be adventurous and make up a poem on a theme? Start with a word and then write the lines of the poem along that theme but don't forget, the first (or last etc.) letter must be the next letter in the word you have chosen. It might take a while to do and be frustrating at first. Search in a dictionary or a thesaurus for words that suit your needs. I'd love to see anything you have written. Why not post it in the comments below?

Here's one I rustled up for, well, I let you guess! (Clue: An autumn celebration.)

High in the mountains,
A lone wolf barks.
Low in the valley,
Lanterns light up the dark.
Over in the dale,
Where the witches pass,
Evening becomes night and
Enchantments are cast.
No danger will they know, where the pumpkin heads glow.

(Copyright N.O.A. Rawle 2015 All rights reserved)

Have a happy one! ;)