Thursday, 13 February 2014

TOO MUCH LOVE! (Expressions with 'heart', matching exercise)

Read the text and match the phrases and idioms high-lighted in red to their meanings below!

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Heart Expressions

Take heart, this is a heartfelt story of a young city businessman who took  his sweetheart for a hearty lunch one Valentine's day.

He had it in mind to promise her her heart's desire but when he presented her with a diamond ring in a heart-shaped box her reply was not what he expected.

"Please don't take this to heart my love, but I've had a change of heart. To get to the heart of the matter, after my father suffered a heart attack he and I had a good heart to heart talk. I've realised that my loyalties lie elsewhere. I'm drawn to the heart of the countryside where people are kind hearted."

The poor man's heart skipped a beat,

"Please have a heart!" He begged but there was no going back,

"I have to follow my heart." She explained.

"Think with your head not your heart!" He pleaded from the bottom of his heart,

"How can you be so cold hearted?"

"If you have your heart in the right place, you will understand."

He knew he had to pour his heart out to her.

"When I First met you you had a heart of gold but it seems to me that your feelings are rather half-hearted. You have broken my heart."

"Please believe me I didn't want it to end like this, cross my heart and hope to die."

"Don't worry! I'll tell you something that'll have you eating your heart out! I've been promoted and I'm moving to the Caribbean!

And with that he fled from the restaurant out into the heart of darkness.

1. Darkest night, unknown territory (The title of a book by Joseph Conrad, inspiration for the film Apocalypse Now).
2. Something we say to prove we're telling the truth.
3. A good character.
4. Have good intentions.
5. With all one's love and feelings.
6. Follow one's calling/desires.
7. Feel nervous/excited/afraid.
8. Kind, generous.
9. Personal, private, honest, with no secrets.
10. Find the cause.
11. (Don't) take something personally/seriously.
12. Anything one wants.
13. Lover.
14. Be sympathetic,listen.
15. Make someone jealous.
16. Unenthusiastically.
17. Share everything that is troubling someone.
18. Unemotional/unfeeling/insensitive.
19. Think logically not emotionally.
20. Beg for understanding and sympathy.
21. In the centre of the countryside.
22. Heart failure.
23. Change one's mind.
24. In the shape of a heart.
25. Large, filling meal.
26. Emotional.
27. Diappointed in love.


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