Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Want to be a Grammar Genius? Grammar Girl Will Help!

Hope the start of the new school year hasn't been too traumatic! Welcome and lets get to it! December exams are already casting a shadow over the learning process and I'll be giving you some writing tips in a future post as well as useful things to remember other than your ID, pen, pencil and rubber!

One of my students recently asked me about the difference between AFFECT and EFFECT so I dutifully wrote out an example on the board and said something like, "Basically affect is a verb and effect is a noun." But being conscientious, I felt that I was brushing my student off because I wanted to deal with the query quickly without getting off a very different topic I was teaching at the time. So when I was looking into fun things to do in this area I discovered Grammar Girl!

Grammar Girl a.k.a. Mignon Fogarty, offers "Quick and Dirty Tips" for grammar conundrums of the English language! So if you want to read about grammar in a very entertaining and informative way check out and click on the tip that you are interested in.
She has posted tables and cartoons to help you with all the things that confuse and befuddle!

Grammar Girl also has pod casts that you can listen to. They are very informative but as they are aimed at native speakers you may find them a little hard to follow!


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