Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fun pronunciation challenge and some tips!

Here's the challenge!

Can you pronouce this word?


It's not a real word, it's made up of all the oddly pronounced letter combinations.

the choices are:

a) hotty    b)fish   c) goatee

The solution will be posted next time!

Here are some tips!

I have written them in no real logical order. Please remember that there are also many exceptions to these 'rules'!

1. 'When two vowels go walking the first does the talking.' In other words the first in the pair is      pronounced and with the hard sound that one used when reciting the alphabet.
    In the word 'goat' the 'a' is ignored and we say 'oh'.
    In 'eat', 'a' is ignored and we say 'ee'.
    in 'train', we say 'a' and ignore the 'i'.

2. In words that contain a double consonant we often pronounce the vowel before it with a soft sound.
    In 'little', or 'batty' or 'silly'

3. 'Tha' or 'thee'
     Before a vowel we say 'thee' eg. The End
     Before a consonant we say 'tha' eg. The dog

4. With words that are both nouns and verbs and spelled the same way.
     VERB                      NOUN
      rebel                        rebel
      content                    content
      reject                       reject
      project                     project


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